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Davos Protocol presents a refreshed approach to collateralized debt positions (CDPs) by directly addressing the inherent constraints of conventional DeFi CDPs. Central to this is our commitment to a balanced monetary strategy and equitable borrowing rates, ensuring users' interests are at the forefront, thus enhancing DeFi's appeal to a wider audience. Crucially, users can capitalize on their collateral's growth potential, safeguarding their prospective gains.

At the core of our solution is the integration of Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) and the upcoming inclusion of a wider array of reward-bearing tokens, notably Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs). These tokens are key to creating DUSD, our omnichain stablecoin. Through our CDP system, users can unlock the extensive potential of their staked assets, leading to enhanced returns. By facilitating the staking and farming of DUSD, the Davos Protocol creates pathways for compounded yields, thus enabling users to amplify their financial growth in the DeFi ecosystem. Our commitment to DeFi composability ensures seamless navigation and maximization of returns for our users.

Forked from the established MakerDAO foundation, Davos Protocol offers seamless functionality across multiple Proof-of-Stake Network terrains, enabling fluid DUSD transitions between them. Such interoperability unveils a plethora of opportunities across diverse networks, elevating users' prospects. Furthermore, with Davos Governance Token (DGT) steering our direction, we emphasize community-driven governance, reinforcing our commitment to a truly decentralized environment.

In essence, Davos Protocol positions itself at the forefront of DeFi innovation, merging the reliability of traditional finance with the dynamic features of decentralized finance. Our platform empowers users to compound their earnings by using LSTs, LRTs and other reward-bearing tokens as collateral to borrow DUSD. This enables participation in a range of yield-generating activities within the Davos DeFi ecosystem, fostering an environment where users can enhance their yield potential and financial trajectory. Davos Protocol thus stands as a catalyst in advancing DeFi, focusing on user empowerment and financial growth.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement of Davos Protocol: To revolutionize the DeFi landscape by confronting the intrinsic yield deficiencies of stablecoins, leveraging cutting-edge technological infrastructure and innovative mechanisms that offer users maximum utility and unprecedented financial empowerment.

Vision Statement of Davos Protocol: To lead the forefront of decentralized finance as the go-to solution for stability, scalability, and inclusivity, ensuring that every stakeholder, from novice to expert, can harness the true potential of their assets, unbounded by traditional financial limitations.

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