Audit Reports

Davos Protocol prioritizes the security of its smart contracts, recognizing its critical importance in maintaining user trust and safeguarding assets. The protocol has taken extensive measures to ensure robustness and protect against potential vulnerabilities.

To fortify its smart contracts, Davos Protocol has subjected them to comprehensive auditing by three reputable smart contract auditing firms: Quantsatmp, Veridise, and Slowmist. By leveraging the insights and recommendations provided by these audits, the protocol enhances the overall security of its smart contracts. In addition to audits, the Davos Protocol actively strengthens its security posture through a bug bounty program. This program incentivizes developers and security researchers to diligently search for any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses within the protocol's codebase. By actively involving the broader community in the identification of bugs, the protocol benefits from diverse perspectives and expertise. Identified vulnerabilities are promptly addressed and rectified, bolstering the protocol's resilience and minimizing potential risks.

The Davos Protocol is committed to maintaining a proactive approach to security. It continually monitors emerging threats, keeps abreast of the latest best practices, and engages in ongoing code reviews to identify and address any security concerns. By prioritizing the safety and integrity of its smart contracts, the protocol strives to provide users with a secure and reliable platform for their financial activities.

Davos smart contracts have undergone external audits:

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