Davos Bridge offers a cross-chain protocol that unifies liquidity across blockchains with no fees. This permissionless on-chain utility may burn DUSD on one chain and mint an equal number of DUSD on another, allowing for efficient and cost-free asset transfers between networks.

Besides this, there are more important reasons for the "why":

  1. Burning/Minting is better for an omnichain fungible token like DUSD.

  2. We fully control the cost (zero cost).

  3. We don't rely on third-party protocols to enable DUSD on other chains, meaning no additional counter-party risk.

  4. The bridge can support any future chain.

  5. The bridge makes cross-chain transfers of DUSD as frictionless as possible.

  6. DUSD becomes a potential routing asset for stablecoin cross-chain transfers by onboarding Davos Bridge in Bridge aggregators, which creates more trading volume for DUSD stable LPs.

How Does it Work?

  1. The user approves access to DUSD for Davos Bridge on the source chain.

  2. The user deposits DUSD on the source chain, and Davos Bridge burns it.

  3. A special external entity reacts to the burn event, and the user obtains from it the proof data needed when claiming in Step 4.

  4. The user claims DUSD on the destination chain, and Davos Bridge mints it for the user.

Supported Chains:

  • Arbitrum

  • BNB Smart Chain

  • Ethereum

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

  • Polygon zkEVM

  • Mode

  • Linea

Read further technical details about our Bridge here: Bridge

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