Benefits of Using Davos Protocol

Stablecoin for Maximizing Yield Returns: Davos Protocol offers DUSD, a stablecoin designed for stability and yield optimization. By using DUSD, users gain a reliable store of value that remains steady amidst market fluctuations. This stability allows for strategic deployment in various DeFi activities, maximizing yield returns and enhancing the overall potential of users' investment portfolios.

Enhanced Security with Over-collateralization: With a 150% over-collateralization model, the system provides a cushion against unexpected market fluctuations, safeguarding users' assets and ensuring the stability of DUSD.

Diversified Collateral Utilization: Davos Protocol empowers users to optimize their investments by accepting a broad range of collateral types, including Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs), and other reward-bearing assets. This flexibility allows users to unlock increased utility and maximize returns on their diverse asset holdings.

Cross-Chain Functionality: Built with in-house omnichain capabilities, Davos Protocol operates seamlessly across major networks such as Ethereum and Polygon, granting users access to diverse DeFi opportunities without being constrained to a single blockchain.

Empowerment Through Governance: By locking DGT in 80-20 liquidity pools on Balancer, users obtain veDGT, granting them voting power. Crucially, holders of veDGT dictate borrowing incentives for specific collateral types and determine how revenues are redistributed, encompassing activities such as liquidity providing, lending, and contributions to the DSR.

Scalable Revenue Streams: The protocol's 'flywheel effect' ensures a consistent and scalable source of revenue. Borrowing incentives, combined with borrowing fees benchmarked to notable rates, work together to fuel a sustainable yield generation mechanism funnelled back to DUSD liquidity providers, lenders, and the DSR.

Comprehensive DeFi Composability: The integration of reward-bearing assets and the modular nature of Davos Protocol allow users to tap into the wider DeFi ecosystem in order to further their financial strategies.

Transparent Borrowing Rates: By aligning interest rates with established benchmarks like the CPI or Central Banks' rates, Davos ensures fairness, transparency, and protection against hidden fees or unexpected rate hikes.

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